Jumpstart to Kindergarten


This is a program to give incoming Kindergarten students a chance to learn about Kindergarten and give them a “head start” to success!

Bus transportation is available to and from the program.

Dates August 16, 17, 18, 19, 20

Greenbush times -- Group/Session 1: 8:15am - 10:45am || Group/Session 2: 11:30am - 2:00pm

Horgan times -- Group/Session 1: 8:15am - 10:45am || Group/Session 2: 11:30am - 2:00pm

Wakefield Hills times -- Group/Session 1: 8:15am - 10:45am || Group/Session 2: 11:30am - 2:00pm

Groups will be assigned by the school

School location may change based on final school assignment


Please consider sending your student with a backpack and water bottle.

Snacks will be provided.

Please practice having your child introduce themselves to staff using their first and last name. You may also consider sending your child with a name tag.

Students will be using school restrooms. It may be helpful for them to practice using public restrooms before the program.

Thank you for providing medical considerations for your child at the point of registration.

A school nurse will be in communication with Jumpstart teachers.

Jumpstart Bus Routes

Bussing will only run within West Warwick

Times are approximate and may be subject to change/update. Please be at the bus stop 15 minutes before these times.

AM Session 1 Bus Routes


Bus 1 Session 1 AM Pick Up

Reverse order for Drop Off

7:15 AM Sheffield Ave@ Sidney7:19 AM School St @ Church St7:20 AM Church St @ Nestor & Dawes7:21 AM Church St @ Orchard St7:23 AM Wells St @ Perkins St7:24 AM Mason St @ Mary Ave7:26 AM Legris Ave @ Coit Ave7:27 AM Centerville Rd @ Glen Dr7:30 AM Quaker Lane @ Pepin St7:32 AM 297 Cowesett Ave/Dr. Daycare7:34 AM Kulas Rd @ Cedar Dr7:36 AM 89/80 Lonsdale St7:38 AM Fawn Lane @ Deerfield Dr7:40 AM 34 East Greenwich Ave/23 East Greenwich Ave7:43 AM Turner Dr @ Kimberly Lane7:46 Flanders Dr @ Setian Lane7:48 AM Surrey Lane @ East Greenwich Ave7:54 AM 10 James P Murphy Rd/Academy for Little Children8:04 AM East Greenwich Ave @ St Onge Dr8:07 AM Nottingham Dr @ Cross Bow Lane8:09 AM Longbow @ Crossbow Lane8:12 AM 1915 New London Tpk8:13 AM Greenbush Rd @ Bratt Lane


Bus 4 Session 1 AM Pick Up

Reverse order for Drop Off

7:19 AM Jefferson St @ Pawtuxet Terr7:21 AM 110 Pulaski St @ Dreamland7:24 AM 9 New London Ave (Joyful Noise)7:27 AM Main St @ Crossen St7:28 Main St @ Eddy St7:32 AM Washington @ Mill/Pond St7:33 AM East St @ Beauchaine St7:34 AM Andrews Ave @ Willow St7:36 AM Shippee Ave @ Andrews Ave/100 Shippee7:37 AM West St @ Virginia Ave7:39 AM Kinne St @ Youngs Ave7:42 AM Gough Ave @ Main St7:44 AM Main St @ Youngs Ave7:45 Main St @ Brayton St7:46 Main St @ Woodside Ave7:47 AM Woodside Ave @ Fruit St @ Flynn Terr7:50 Buena Vista @ Sunrise Ave7:52 AM Maple Ave @ Colvin St7:54 AM Maple Ave @ Echo Lane7:58 AM Providence St Jerrys Parking Lot8:02 AM Greenbriar Road @ Mark Fore Dr8:03 AM Morningside Dr @ Tanglewood Dr8:04 AM 268 Providence St Bus Stop8:05 AM 320 Providence St. Bus Stop8:09 AM Providence St @ Penta St

Wakefield Hills

Bus 6 Session 1 AM Pick Up

Reverse order for Drop Off

7:37 AM Main St @ Hare St/1346 Main St7:43 AM Wightman St @ Crestwood Dr7:46 AM Oak St @ Westley St7:49 AM Main St @ Levalley St7:52 AM Atwood St @ Alpine St7:53 AM Phenix Ave @ Newlight St7:54 AM Phenix Ave @ Melrose St7:56 AM Buehler Dr @ Harding St8:03 AM Crossland Rd @ Oakland Dr8:05 AM Enfield Dr @ Providence St8:09 AM Providence St @ Prospect Hill Ave

PM Session 2 Bus Routes


Bus 3 Session 2 PM Pick Up

Reverse order for Drop Off

10:44 AM Quaker Lane @ Old Carriage Rd10:48 AM Lockwood St @ Carder St10:50 AM Mason St @ Ethel Ave10:51 AM Concord Ave @ Lenox Ave10:52 AM Ridge St @ Lexington Ave10:53 AM Bishop St @ New London Ave10:55 AM Legris Ave @ Centre St10:57 AM W Warwick Ave @ Capron St11:00 AM 110 Pulaski St @ Dreamland11:02 AM School St @ Spring St11:04 AM Church St @ Cowesett Ave11:07 AM Cowesett Ave @ Tina Dr11:08 AM Cowesett Ave @ Quaker Dr11:11 AM Birchwood Lane @ Hornbeam Lane11:14 AM 121 Setian Ln/120 Setian Lane11:17 AM 61 Carolyn Dr/71 Carolyn Dr11:20 AM 65 E Greenwich Ave11:22 AM 1735 Main St - River's Edge Apts11:28 AM 39 Bramble Lane


Bus 5 Session 1 AM Pick Up

Reverse order for Drop Off

10:24 AM 10 James P Murphy Rd - Academy for Little Children10:32 AM East Greenwich Ave @ Fox Run Dr10:35 AM Pulaski St @ Main St10:37 AM Pawtuxet Terr @ Morris St10:39 AM Pawtuxet Terr @ Bleach Ave10:40 AM Harbour Ave @ W Warwick Ave10:42 AM W Warwick Ave @ Bell St10:45 AM New London Ave @ Bridal Ave10:47 AM Earl St @ Factory St10:49 AM Factory St @ Providence St10:51 AM Main St @ Eddy St10:53 AM Roberts St @ Ottowa St10:56 AM Andrews Ave @ Willow St10:57 AM Lachance St @ Pond St10:59 AM Mcniff St @ Shippee Ave11:01 AM Tobin St @ Youngs Ave11:04 AM Woodside Ave @ Fruit St @ Flynn Terr11:05 AM Woodside Ave @ Main St11:06 AM E Main St @ Bridge St11:10 AM Maple Ave @ Colvin St11:13 AM Summit Ave @ Richard St11:20 AM 619/586 Wakefield St11:27 AM 306 Providence St. Bus Stop

Wakefield Hills

Bus 7 Session 2 PM Pick UP

Reverse order for Drop Off

10:56 AM Washington St @ Andrews Ave11:04 AM Main St @ Phenix Ave11:05 AM Highland St @ Pleasant St11:06 AM Pleasant St @ Levalley St11:10 AM Brook St @ Lawrence St11:12 AM Crestwood Dr @ Saddlebrook Dr11:14 AM Wakefield St @ Harding St11:18 AM Wakefield St @ Lombardi Lane11:21 AM Wilson St @ Prospect Hill Ave11:23 AM Prospect Hill Ave @ Diaz Ct11:23 AM Prospect Hill Ave @ Prospect St