Low Cost Internet Access

There are two different organizations that partner with community members to provide low-cost internet access. Please review the EveryoneOn program and the Connect2Compete program to see which program meets your needs. Please contact your child's school if you need any assistance with the process.


We help bring low-cost internet and computer offers to those who need them. Our internet offers are priced as low as $10 per month. Our device offers include tablets and laptops for as low as $143 and $160, respectively.

People can take advantage of these offers in multiple ways:


Step 1: Qualify

To be considered for the Connect2Compete program, applicants must meet and verify the following requirements:

Eligible families can apply online or by calling 1-855-222-3252. Paper applications will be accepted for those were previously not approved. Additional proof is then required to determine eligibility.

Step 2: Enroll

After your household has qualified, you will be connected with a Cox Connect2Compete representative who will help you enroll for high-speed internet services. The representative will confirm that you are eligible for Cox services if you have :

Step 3: Connect

Once enrolled, a Cox representative will schedule a visit to your home to install any necessary outlets, setup your WiFi modem and activate internet access. After that, it's time to connect!

Once connected, check out our Cox Digital Academy with a wealth of free online educational resources and training, including educational games, computer and internet basics, social media and online safety, and financial literacy.