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Welcome to the West Warwick Public Schools property services and transportation webpage. We are committed to providing safe and efficient transportation services for our students, as well as maintaining our school facilities to the highest standards.

Our transportation services are designed to ensure that students arrive at school on time and in a safe and comfortable manner. Our fleet of buses is regularly inspected and maintained to ensure that they meet all safety regulations. We also provide transportation services for field trips, athletic events, and other school-related activities.

In addition to transportation, our property services team is responsible for maintaining our school facilities. This includes regular cleaning, landscaping, and maintenance to ensure that our schools are clean, safe, and comfortable learning environments for our students. We also provide renovation services to update and modernize our facilities to meet the changing needs of our students and staff.

At West Warwick Public Schools, we believe in providing our students with the best possible learning experience. This includes ensuring that our transportation services and school facilities are of the highest quality. Our dedicated team of professionals is committed to delivering exceptional service and exceeding expectations.

Thank you for visiting our property services and transportation webpage. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our services, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Meet the Property Services & Transportation Team:

Chris Mann, Director

Jeff Langlais, Assistant Director

Sophy Warren, Administrative Assistant

WWPS Transportation Policy

The West Warwick Public Schools uses First Student as our transportation company. Free bus transportation to and from public and parochial schools in the Town of West Warwick shall be provided by the West Warwick School Department in accordance with the following:

   1.    Grades PK-4: For any child living one half (1/2) of a walking mile or more from his or her school.

   2.    Grades 5-8: For any child living one (1) walking mile or more from his or her school.

   3.    Grades 9-12: For any child living two (2) walking miles or more from his or her school.

Any student/parent/guardian who feel their child or children are entitled to free bus transportation shall contact the principal to appeal denial of transportation privileges. Subsequent appeals, in writing, shall go before the superintendent of schools and/or the West Warwick School Committee. In computing the distance, the front door of the school to the front curb of the student's dwelling and the most direct route shall be used to and from school for the purpose of measuring. In appropriate circumstances, transportation may also be provided to West Warwick resident pupils traveling to other public or non-profit schools in Region II, as set forth in RI Gen. Laws §16-21.1-2

West Warwick Public Schools Bus Routes for 2023-2024