Every Day Counts: Building Success Through Strong Attendance

Welcome to a resource dedicated to the importance of student attendance!

Here, you'll find information and tools to support both educators and families in understanding and promoting regular school attendance. 

Why Attendance Matters

Strong learning foundation: Consistent attendance allows students to actively participate in lessons, complete assignments, and build important academic skills.

Enhanced social-emotional development: Regular interaction with peers and teachers fosters positive social interactions, emotional well-being, and a sense of belonging.

Improved future outcomes: Studies show a clear link between high attendance and academic achievement, graduation rates, and future career success.

This page offers:

Educators: Explore effective strategies for tracking attendance, identifying early warning signs, and collaborating with families to address barriers. Access resources on creating a positive school climate and implementing attendance intervention programs.

Families: Understand the impact of attendance on your child's learning and development. Find tips for establishing routines, overcoming challenges, and communicating with teachers about absences.

Everyone: Discover the shared responsibility of promoting regular attendance and its positive impact on individual students, the school community, and society as a whole.

Together, we can ensure every student has the opportunity to thrive by attending school every day!

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