Student  Showcase  

Welcome to the WWPS student showcase page of the district website. On this page we will highlight the many talents of students in the WWPS. The selection of student work is sampled from all grade levels throughout the district and is a small representation of the high quality of the work done by students in the WWPS. 

April 2023


WWHS Grade 11 Student ZC: completed this task as a part of a trigonometry unit in PreCalculus Honors. Focused on sinusoidal functions in the real world, ZC created equations to model sinusoids, explored a sum of sinusoids with the same period but different amplitudes, and researched an explanation for sinusoids that stabilize near a constant value.

Bailey's Self-Portrait - Desiree Antonelli

Grade 9 WWHS Student BL: Reflective Self-Portrait. This was done using the grid method. Students had to scale up their drawing. Inside of the sunglasses students reflected on a past summertime memory.

Grade 8 DMS Student NV: Art work was made in Chromebook App "This is Sand"  Student drops sand from top of screen to create an art piece.

Grade 5 DMS Students CC & LC:  use a wordless picture book to make their own published stories. This offers them an opportunity to create their own book to share and read with their friends and families.

WHES Students in Grades 2 to 4: GM, MS, JC, JM, MM, ET, & OR. Our students have started their unit on Spring Animals. This is a craft and piece of writing that students paired with their chick.  

Grade 7 DMS Students ML & NF: Project:  Build a Scrap-Person out of scrap wood.  Minimum 20 pieces of wood.  

March 2023

Selected works from students at WWHS

Arches for the RI Home Show designed and constructed by students in Facility Operation and Management CTE pathway

February 2023

Grade 8 DMS Student SH created these images as part of her digital portfolio submission.

Grade 1 student AL from Greenbush 

Matisse Shape Collage

Grade K student JC from Greenbush

Mitten Mixed Media

January 2023

LM Grade 4 WHES: Students learned how to create a sense of depth with one-point perspective. 

DP Grade 2 WHES: Students learned various printing techniques to create their own Autumn landscape.

KH Grade 1 WHES: Students created their own folk art landscape! Students learned about middleground, foreground, and background. 

VC Grade 1 WHES: Students created their own folk art landscapes! Students learned about foreground, middleground, and background. 

WHES Grades 3 & 4: Students built coil-constructed ceramic Christmas trees in Art! Students learned clay attaching techniques (scoring and slipping). Students also glazed their artwork. When done, we added tea lights to illuminate the trees!

WWHS Grades 10-12: Students in Sculpture 1 at WWHS were tasked with planning blueprints and building an armature of a movie monster out of found objects, covering it with plaster cast, and then adding acrylic paint.

CF Grade 4 Greenbush: Abstract Image 

CK Grade 1 Greenbush: Abstract Images

HK Grade K Greenbush: Animal Image 

December 2022

WHES- Grade 4: Our 4th grade class has been learning about the Middle Ages in our CKLA curriculum. They learned about the lives of different groups of people, and the importance of writing using illuminated letters. These are their individual creations of illuminated letters using the first letter of their last names, as well as a few writing samples describing the lives of Lords and Serfs.

WWHS Student KR, Grade 11

Alebrije Project 

After watching the movie Coco in Spanish 3 class, around Day of the Dead (Nov 2), Students were asked to describe what their spirit animal (Alebrije) would look like, what combination of animals they would be and why.  Students were also asked to give a visual representation of their Alebrije.

WWHS Student SL, Grade 11

WWHS Student DC, Grade 11

WWHS Student AL, Grade 11

WWHS Student ER, Grade 11

November 2022

Student: GS, Grade 4

Spider Web Watercolor

Greenbush Elementary

Student AR, Grade 1

Pumpkin Watercolor

Greenbush Elementary

Student AS, Grade 3

Fall Foliage Watercolor

Greenbush Elementary


Grades PK-4

Students created pumpkins using a STEAM Design

Student SV, Grade 4

Still Life of a Pumpkin


Student AA, Grade 4

Two Point Perspective of a Cityscape


Student MS, Grade 3

Picture of Self as a Noble Knight


Student IL, Grade 1

Self Portrait with Colored Pencils and Oil Pastels


Student:,  Grade 12

Still Life of Glass Bottles in Colored Pencils 


Slide Deck of Selected Student Work