The West Warwick Public Schools, in partnership with the entire community, is dedicated to providing all learners with access and opportunity to a challenging, comprehensive education while developing 21st Century Skills in a safe, personalized learning environment.

 Communications from Superintendent Tarasevich

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Child Outreach Screening Brochure.pdf

Child Outreach Screening Information 

WWPS District Initiatives 

WWPS ELA Infographic

This infographic illustrates how the district spends local funds, competitive grants, and ESSER funds to address ELA instruction in the district.

WWPS District Initiatives 22-23.pdf
Copy of MTSS School Committee Overview

The WWPS has engaged in a number of initiatives during the 2022-2023 school year. For more information about these initiatives please go to our district initiative page. 

WWPS 2022-2023 School Calendar and Explanation Page

2022-2023 3rd rev School Calendar.pdf
Explanation page --2022-2023 3rd rev school calendar.pdf

WWPS 2023-2024 School Calendar and Explanation Page

2023-2024 School Calendar - APPROVED 3-15-23.pdf
Explanation page --2023-2024 school calendar - APPROVED 3-15-23.pdf