Request a Chromebook App or Extension

Request a Chromebook App or Extension

In an effort to provide our  students a safer Chromebook experience we would like to blacklist ALL apps (applications) and extensions. This is a change in our current process. Your students will not be able to access an app or use an extension unless it is whitelisted in our Google Management Console. If you would like us to add an App or an extension please use this form to add the app or extension. 

We will try to respond to your request within two school days. If you have an urgent request please ensure that you alert us to your request. 

Application and Extension Requests

If your request for an application and/or extension is denied please contact your building administrator concerning your request. Scroll down to get to the Form.

Application and Extension Request 2_20_2017

Email to staff regarding the changes in process concerning applications and extensions from the Google Web Store.

Email to WWPS Employees Regarding Apps Extension Changes 2_19_2017